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Who We Are

Rippleworks Foundation brings the practical support entrepreneurs need to scale faster and improve more lives. Rippleworks partners high-growth social ventures around the world with leading startup expertise from Silicon Valley and the larger US tech sector.

Rippleworks leads short-term, high-impact projects where ventures tackle their top operational challenges to growth, all while developing new skills. These projects are 2 - 5 month engagements in which social ventures, senior leaders of top Silicon Valley firms, and Rippleworks Venture Growth Managers (VGMs) come together to solve startups' top scaling challenge. Since launching in 2015, Rippleworks has worked on 80+ projects with social ventures across 59 countries, empowering entrepreneurial teams that are improving the lives of more than 201 million people.

Examples of our projects include:

Rippleworks also supports ventures with hard-to-find capital required for scale (grants and investments in the $1M-$5M range), and through its Insights Initiative, which provides learning experiences for social ventures to bring them the frameworks, resources, tools they need to grow their business.

The Role

The Venture Growth Manager will directly help high-growth social ventures scale by leading our projects. You will work directly with CEOs of top social ventures and senior leaders of top Silicon Valley firms to drive these projects to success. You will lead diverse, virtual teams across emerging markets to tackle the venture's toughest operational challenge as well as gain practical knowledge and skills on critical areas for growth.

Your hands-on approach to solving these challenges will help companies build permanent capabilities to drive inspiring, meaningful social impact. This is an ideal role for anyone who wants to learn what it takes to become a world-class operational leader at a high-growth startup.

Specifically, you will:


About You

You are a driving force in an entrepreneurial organization, and are building a career on being a details-oriented problem solver. You are both a strategic thinker and a tactical do-er. You get excited when you deeply learn about new topics and will stop at nothing to solve the problem at hand. You love being at the bottom of a learning curve and sprinting to the top.

You strive to be the best at what you do, and you want to make your teammates better. You have high emotional intelligence, you are passionate about building great teams, and you understand how to influence and motivate people. You believe that one person can make a difference and you are known to pull pranks every once in a while (or, all the time).


Specifically, you have the following experience:


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